A horror movie consists of this:
A man
At a podium
Reading his mother’s eulogy speech
Focusing not on her bravery, passions, strings of vibrating light with sparkles shooting out
A woman’s soul, things like that.
But how many times he looks up
Out at the audience. It is a student body president’s
Commencement speech, trying to impress the body
Show his dad that he is a good boy who would never
Touch drugs, even though once he woke up in jail and was handed an
Egg mcmuffin along with the other alcoholics
He is a good boy who knows to look at audience every 10 words as to not alienate them,
What would they do? What would they even do?

A horror movie is this
A man who googles the end of movies before going to see the movie
As to know what his opinion should be
Should anyone ask
At his mother’s funeral

A horror movie is this
A man
At a podium starting a eulogy with a famous quote
From one or all of the above
teddy roosevelt
george bernard shaw
derek jeter
bradley cooper
A world war II documentary that starts with a blank card inscribed with lines once said by and once stomped over and over by a print press on to a...
words that came out of the mouth of none other than
teddy roosevelt

You see clearly, blinking, choking on your breath, the horror of a
Cleaned, bottled man
That looks up at the audience once every 10 words because
That’s what a beautiful school teacher once told them to do.